Power Poppy


Unabashedly upbeat. That’s pretty much the spirit ’round here!

I’m super stoked to share my new gig with you. Power Poppy: Designs for Living in Full Bloom. By sharing positivity and inspiration through my illustrated stamps and somewhat starry-eyed take on life, I hope to help others take charge of their happiness. A tall order? Maybe so. At the very least you might create a unique card with my artwork, find some zenlike downtime coloring, plant a new flower, try a road trip, or discover a catchy song. At the most, well, who knows what a jolt of joyfulness and a kind word can do? Power Poppy appreciates the small moments of life just as much as the milestones, the inspiration you can find anywhere and everywhere. We want to soak in goodness and give back more goodness. With help from incredible friends and mentors, my sweet and encouraging family, and the love of my life, Doug, I’m ready to go for it! I hope you’ll come along and see what good we can do and what fun we can have.